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Using PHP 5.26 Thread Safe.

I noticed that php_exif.dll requires php_mbstring.dll. So both files get
placed into extension_dir folder which loads other files properly.

While trying to figure this out, I noticed some oddities that probably
should get fixed.

1) The PHP website suggests that libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll should NOT
get placed into the %system% folder.

It specifically states the following:

"Although copying libmysql.dll to the Windows system directory also works
 (because the system directory is by default in the system's PATH), it's
 not recommended."

So I see php5ts.dll resides in the same folder that both, libeay32.dll
and ssleay32.dll reside in. Functions that import from php5ts.dll do not
require php5ts.dll to get placed into either the extension_dir folder,
nor the system32 folder (php_sqlite.dll loads just fine and depends upon

So, here comes oddity #2:

2) php5ts.dll does not exist anywhere in the registry. It ends up as an
   unregistered file like many other PHP files. Only one line in PHP.INI
   identifies a folder and that's the extension_dir setting. So PHP by
   default knows that php5ts.dll resides where it resides. It resides in
   the same folder where the httpd.conf loads php (php5_module directive).

So in regards to item (1) above, does anyone have any suggestions on how
to load libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll and other files? Is there a default
location that php5apache.dll identifies? If not the same folder as that
file, why not? And why not the extensiond_dir setting? Is there another
setting anywhere in the httpd.conf or PHP.INI? I know that a PHPIniDir
directive exists for a later version of Apache - which will soon occur,
but I seek another solution for the Apache version (1.4x), other than
editing the PATH EV and other than placing it into the %system% folder.

Any suggestions are greatly welcomed.

Jim Carlock
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Re: Install php_exif.dll

Jim Carlock wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

There is no reason any DLL has to be registered if it isn't a system
process and is in the path.  In fact, the vast majority of DLL's used
are NOT found in the registry.

All of the DLL's just need to be in a directory which is listed in your
PATH environment.  I keep mine in a separate directory (on a different
disk) along with my php files.

And if you don't want to edit your environment variable, start Apache
via a batch job which first sets the environment then starts Apache.

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Jerry Stuckle
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Re: Install php_exif.dll

"Jerry Stuckle" wrote...
: All of the DLL's just need to be in a directory which is listed in
: your PATH environment. I keep mine in a separate directory (on a
: different disk) along with my php files.

That's almost correct. The order of in the PHP.INI file, of loading
php_exif.dll and php_mbstring.dll, affects things here. The following
link identified the problem. You're referencing the libeay32.dll and
ssleay32.dll files, perhaps. But just to make everything right... the
following link identified the problem experienced here.

The proper order:

<snip file="PHP.INI">

The files originally show up in alphabetical order in the PHP.INI
provided with the PHP download. Funny thing though, the error popped
up in the php_errors.log but the file loaded and it all worked ok.

To get rid of the initial errors logged during the initial starting
of Apache, the order of these two files ends up as php_mbstring.dll
first, then php_exif.dll. Perhaps the php_exif.dll dll_main() calls
a sub in php_mbstring.dll.

Jim Carlock
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