Initialisation Select avec Ajax (php)

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I have a little script that display or hide input field depending on the  
choice of a select.
It is working fine, but i can not initialise the default value of the select  
and have it display the correct input box...

main file:
[CODE]<script language="JavaScript" src="modules/metro/combos.js"  
type="text/javascript"> </script>
<select name="Ctrltype" id="Ctrltype" onChange="newmenuderoulant(this,'<?php  
echo $IdEquipCtrl; ?>')">
      <option value="Lab"<?php if ($rowcontrol[Ctrltype]=="Lab") {echo "  
selected";} ?>>Lab (Min-Max)</option>
      <option value="Maintenance"<?php if  
($rowcontrol[Ctrltype]=="Maintenance") {echo " selected";} ?>>Maintenance  
<td> <div id="combo2"></div> </td>[/CODE]

The ajax looks working fine, display is ok, when you switch the select to  
one value to another, but not at the first call of the page...

Is the error coming from this line:
http.onreadystatechange = displaylist2;           ??????

ajax file combos.js :
[CODE]function creerConnexion() {
   var connexion;
   connexion = window.XMLHttpRequest
   ? new XMLHttpRequest() :
   new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
   return connexion;

var http = creerConnexion();

function newmenuderoulant(objselect,idctrl) {

    var Ctrltype =objselect.options[objselect.selectedIndex].value;
    if (idctrl!=null)'get', 'modules/metro/ajax.php?Ctrltype='+Ctrltype+'&am
      else'get', 'modules/metro/ajax.php?Ctrltype='+Ctrltype);

   http.onreadystatechange = displaylist2;


function displaylist2(){
    if(http.readyState == 4){
      var response = http.responseText;
      /*alert('Etape '+http.readyState);*/

in the ajax.php file i just create the html for the field that goes in the  
div id combo2 ...

Thanks for your support!

Re: Initialisation Select avec Ajax (php)

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IMHO this is a javascript problem, and has nothing to do with PHP.
Anyway I don't really know where the problem is, coz the code that you
doesn't give any clue of what the problem could be.

Try c.l.javascript

Hendri Kurniawan

Re: Initialisation Select avec Ajax (php)

VooDoo wrote:
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It appears that you need to have a "selected" for the default  
value of the selection box.  You could just put it in the html  
that is displayed before the user changes things.


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