@ini_set--What's the "@" for?

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I checked the official PHP documentation and it makes no mention of  
"@ini_set" function with the "@" symbol in front of it.

The code I'm looking at does have the "at" symbol in front of "ini_set".  
So what's the "@" for?


Re: @ini_set--What's the "@" for?

MBS wrote:

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It stops any errors or notices from being shown for that function call.

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Re: @ini_set--What's the "@" for?

@ is the bitch slap operator ;)
It means to supress any errors that may arise, from what you are about
In other worsds it means get to work and don't complain.

Re: @ini_set--What's the "@" for?

On Thu, 03 Nov 2005 02:14:14 +0000, MBS wrote:

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Supresses error messages

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