Incorrect path order for php.ini

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I'm running PHP 4.3.11 on Windows 2003/IIS in CGI mode.

My understanding is that PHP should search for the php.ini first
according to the registry value:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PHP\IniFilePath (which is empty on my

Then according to the environmental value:
PHPRC (also empty on my machine);

Then the local directory:
D:\php-4.3.11\ for me

Finally the system root:
C:\winnt\ for me

The problem I'm having is that it's first finding the one in the system
root folder and using it (verified using phpinfo()).  If I rename that
one, it will find the one in the local CGI folder and use it just fine
(so it's not a permissions issue).

I need to keep the file in the system root folder (for php5 ISAPI) but
I need php 4 to find it's local file.  I've copied the php4
configuration to a different machine and it behaved how it should, so
the problem is specific to the machine.  Does anybody have any


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