includes and modrewrite

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Newbie here.
Site is on shared server Apache, PHP 4.x
I am using modrewrite currently for some other things but I was  
wondering about includes in php files.  They don't seem to pass through  
.htaccess and modrewrite.   Is that correct?  I have 3 days experience  
with .htaccess and modrewrite so I could well be doing something wrong.

What I was trying to do is use a "fake" directory in all my includes  
that modrewrite would rewrite to the correct directory.

Mark B.

Re: includes and modrewrite

mark Bannister wrote:
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I'm not an expert of this area, but as far as I know PHP's 'include'  
doesn't go outside PHP to the webserver at all, so it will not invoke  
any server features.
The exception is if you use a full URL in the include, but that gives  
other problems - if you want to include a PHP file in that way you have  
to arrange that the server will serve PHP source (which it doesn't  
usually do).



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