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Hello! I have an issue with my include_path.

So I did a fresh install of php, and my web directory is actully in one
of the home directories. Let's call it /home/userx/www/

Something is wrong with the include_path, but I don't understand it.
You can directly include a file in the directory you're in, but
includes don't work two files deep. For instance when phpBB2 includes
include/functions.php, the references to $base_url inside functions.php
are taken from its own location, instead of the file that included it.

Warning: include(./language/lang_english/lang_main.php)
[function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in
/home/userx/lib/www/htdocs/phpBB2/includes/functions.php on line 719

Please help! My include_path is set to .:/usr/local/lib/php

Re: Include path issues

wedsall at geemail wrote:
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If I am reading the warning correctly, you are using relative pathing to  
specify the include file. Try removing the ./ prefix and letting PHP use  
the include_path to find the file you want.


Re: Include path issues

Relative paths yes.. BUT..
They're out of the box paths from phpBB2 and phpmyadmin. They should
Something's wrong with my install.

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