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Hi there,

My provider ( offers me this cgi, which contains some php
elements as far as I guess. I am running my page with php and would
like to include in the over all design the formmanager (contact page)
However, I cannot include it from inside a page

Here is the code I use (without the // obviously)

// <?php
// include("/cgi-bin/formmanager.php.cgi?action=ext_preview&fid=2");
// ?>

The error reported is:
Warning: main($/cgi-bin/formmanager.php.cgi?action=ext_preview&fid=2):
failed to open stream: No such file or directory in
/mnt/am2/02/236/00000005/htdocs/ic-cms/kontakt.php on line 31

Warning: main(): Failed opening
'$/cgi-bin/formmanager.php.cgi?action=ext_preview&fid=2' for inclusion
(include_path='.:/opt/RZphp4/includes') in
/mnt/am2/02/236/00000005/htdocs/ic-cms/kontakt.php on line 31

Can any one help, the help desk at Strato is not particularly helpful

Re: Include for a php.cgi? (

Dirk Grutzmacher wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

when including a file, PHP expects the given argument to be the actual file
name and location.

So, in your case, a file with a name matching the argument should exist:


To solve your problem, there are two options:

1. Use HTTP to call the script (can be done with include when the url_open
wrappers allow it, or use file/file_get_contents/fsockopen/curl instead)
2. Use system call functions like exec() to invoke the script with command
line arguments, e.g.:

exec("/cgi-bin/formmanager.php.cgi action=ext_preview fid=2");

Of course, the script should then be capable of parsing the command line


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