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Hello, i have a very basic question:

What is better, to include one big include file with all functions in it or
is it better to include several include files with each function in a
separate include file?



Re: include files

I believe you should store functions typically used together for some task
in a single file, and not hessitate to use multiple files to store functions
for different tasks. Using a good multifile editor like UltraEdit probably
helps to keep a clear structure.

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Re: include files

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Thanks Rick but my question was a performance issue... will a php page with
functions split into multiple include-files take more time to appear in a
browser than a page with one big include-file containing all functions.


Re: include files

Well, it depends. If you only need to use a few of the functions,
instead of every function in the file, then multiple include files,
using only a certain number of them would be more efficient. Not much
more efficient though, since the filesystem has an overhead for opening
multiple files.

-Joshua Gao
Marcel wrote:
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some task
page with
in a

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