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Hi all,

I've a problem and can't resolve it.

I've a file with only line is a huge query. to make it  
simple, the query is $query = "select * from xxx where mode = ".$mode

Now, this file is included in an other PHP form. Here is the code:

$mode = 1;
$mode = 2;

the first is OK, but the second isn't ok, it still uses the $mode = 1.

Why ? how to fix it ?

Re: include file and variable

Bob Bedford wrote:
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Hi Bob,

So HERE sits the include?

You can think of an include of the code literally inserted at the point  
of include.

So your include says:

$query = "select * from xxx where mode = ".$mode

I would expect this gives you a NOTICE that $mode isn't defined yet.....

Are you sure you have errorreporting configured allright??

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This doesn't change the $query itself.

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I doubt the first was OK.
I think it fetches results for $mode=0, AND produces a notice.

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If you need to put that query into an external file, I would doe it like  
In external file:
$rawquery = "SELECT * FROM xxx WHERE ($mode=**MODE**);";

And then if you need a query, replace **MODE** with the string you  
actually need.

$realquery = str_replace("**MODE**",$mode,$rawquery);
and then use the $realquery.

You could also use prepared statements. It is a little bit more complex,  
but I think it suits your needs.

In general: If you do not know what goes wrong, simply spit out the  
query before executing, so you can see what you are doing.

Hope that helps.

Erwin Moller

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Re: include file and variable

Bob Bedford wrote:
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I'm not clear - are you actually including the file where you have the  
mysql_query() statement in your code?  If so, please post the real code  
you're using - pseudo-code seldom finds problems.

Also, I wouldn't do it like this.  I'd place the query in a function,  
and call the function, i.e.

function doQuery($m) {
   $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM xxx... WHERE mode=$m");
   return $result;
// or fetch the data and return it - whatever you wish

Alternatively, you could define the string in the include file such as:

$query = "SELECT * FROM xxx... WHERE mode=";

Then later say:

   $result = mysql_query($query . $mode);

But this can cause other problems because it places a code dependency on  
data external to the module.  For instance, what if someone else defines  
a variable $query?  Or if you need to change the query itself (say add  
another WHERE condition), how many places in your code would have to change?

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Re: include file and variable

Bob Bedford wrote:
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$query will have the value of $mode as it was when you first included the file.
Changing $mode later won't change what's in $query.

The easiest way to do what you want is to use sprintf()

$query = "select * from xxx where mode = %d";

$mode = 1;

$mode = 2;

Matt M.

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