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Hi all

I've written a content management system that I'm now selling to my
customers.  It's very nice when we have a blank canvas of a site, but a pain
in the arse when there is already a site in place.

What I'm in the process of *trying* to put together is a script that would
do the following:

A simple form where you put the address of the site with the static pages

The script then spiders through the site, takes everything between <body>
and </body> and chucks the rest away

It would then take out all class definitions and all embedded styles like
font tags etc but leaves tables, <p> <H?> etc

This would leave a very plain page of HTML that would be inserted into a
database.  CSS would control the fonts etc.  I'm aware that there would need
to be some tidying up if there was any javascript or anything and also some
basic formatting.

What I want to know is

1.  Has it been done and, if so, where might I find something like this
2.  Might it have any commercial value to other developers?

Regarding 2, I'm thinking how much time something like this might save me if
I have to convert anything more than a few pages of static HTML into
something that I can put in a database.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


Re: Importing pages

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Bad idea.  As of HTML 4.0, <head> and <body> tags are optional...
Also, why spider the site, if you can (theoretically, at least)
crawl the local file system?

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The spidering part along with storing in databases is what search
engines do.  What you need to add is the processing in-between.

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Developers, I doubt it.  Content managers, possibly...


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