Import/export problem with CSV/PHP/MySQL

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Hi to all,
I need to design an import/export system. Data comes from a filemaker
pro DB in a big CSV file. Some alterations are made on the data as it is
imported into my mysql table. Data is something like :id,text1html,
text1raw,... .

Problems :
1. Texts can contain html tags, including entities (" etc), so
using only the ';' as separator does not work.
2. Some line are so long that is appears php breaks them down, so I lose
data reading the file.

For 1, I've come across fgetcsv() in recent posts. Works fine for now.

For 2, I can't seem to find a solution. I've tried to detect "broken"
lines and stick them back together but no effect...

Another problem arises when I try to export the data back into CSV, as
it is suposed to be used in Excel. The CR/LF that are in the text are
logically interpreted as new rows in Excel. How can I get around this ?
Is there a special "new line" character that excel would not interpret
as new row ? Should I try another file format ?

Thanks in advance for any idea/hint/link !

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Re: Import/export problem with CSV/PHP/MySQL

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   Usually, CSV should be comma separated.

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    For CSV -> MySQL import use LOAD DATA INFILE
<>">> comment #4964


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    You may want to look at this usernote to understand CSV format

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Re: Import/export problem with CSV/PHP/MySQL

R. Rajesh Jeba Anbiah a écrit :

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Except when the data provider is French and no much competent than me ;o)

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Thanks for the tip, I didn't even think about this function...

I actually found out that I had set a too low limit for the line length
in fgetcsv()... D'oh...


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I had read these comments in another post, and it didn't work : excel
displays a "square" character. Until I found that the "square"
disappears when you set the cell format to "wrap text"...

Thanks for the links, that's been very helpfull !

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