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Hi my friends,

I want to implement a CHAT section on my website and I do not know
anything about it.
I want help from someone or some people here to tell me what I need to
know and what I need to learn. I heard that I need to know Threading
and Socket Programming, is that true? Tell me please.

I haven't found any specific article about threading in PHP.

Please guide me through.

Sincerely Yours

Re: Implementing CHAT

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Search for php121 in web. But it does not talks anything about
process/threads. Because php don't have such things.

Re: Implementing CHAT

sathyashrayan schreef:
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a bit ore old, but free, is phpopenchat


Re: Implementing CHAT

On Jul 11, 6:43 pm, wrote:
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I could fill a large book with how to go about this. But I can't
imagine why you would need to use threading to solve the problem (and
using it on top of HTTP is going to lead to lots of complications). As
for sockets - if you want to write a client for an existing chat
protocol, then, yes, you'll probably have to use sockets, but that is
the least of your worries in implementing the protocol stack.

From your question, you seem to have a very long journey to make
before you can create your own solution. Better to find an off-the-
shelf solution that works for you.


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