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I'm trying to add a calendar to my html text box similar to ones you
can find on practically every travel site.  A user clicks on the text
box, the calendar comes up, the user clicks on a date, the calendar
dissapears, and the selected date is entered into the text box.

It really smacks of JavaScript, but I don't have to get that fancy.  I
don't really need a popup anything - perhaps a php class?


Re: Implementing a Calendar

I think the one I use came from here...

Re: Implementing a Calendar

Thanks.  Can't find localization options - it's giving me Euro format,
"DD-MM-YYYY", and I need "MM-DD-YYYY".

Re: Implementing a Calendar

I think (from memory) you have to edit the calendar.js or calendar1.js
file - something like that. I'm pretty sure it explains what to do
inside one of the files. I seem to remember something about changing
the order in ehich three lines are processed. have a look and if you're
still struggling I'll go and have a look at my set-up.

Re: Implementing a Calendar

TristaSD wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Is the documentation wrong?

quote ...

Tigra Calendar script consists of several files. This makes calendar  
maintenance easier and reduces network load. Default distribution  
package contains:

* calendar1.js - Calendar script file (with European date format -  
* calendar2.js - Calendar script file (with American date format -  

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