IMDB fetch with PowermovieList Hangs for exact matches

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Anyone use PowerMovielist here? I have the 0.14 beta version.
Do you have a problem where some shows you search for cause the fetch to hang ?
I'm pulling my hair out on this..
For example, I search for Funky, and it comes up with all the hits.. I search
for Funky Phantom, and it hangs for whatever
amount of seconds i have the script maximum execution time set to, then i get
this error Fatal error: Maximum execution
time of 30 seconds exceeded in fetch.php on line 167
When i try it on my shared webhost, instead it gives me a Page cannot be
displayed and i then have to wait almost a minute
before i can access the site again.
If you use PowerMovieList, test with Funky Phantom and if it works.. please
share your fetch script with me!!
If I search for Funky%Phantom it works too. But other shows that are multiple
words, i can put spaces in fine
so.. i think where its hanging is on the redirect when its an exact match.. IMDB
does a 302 redirect.
This is the code for exact matches:
                    //when you use the search-form on and you search
for a title that was exactly found
                   //imdb uses a 302-found-page to redirect to the Title-page of
this movie.
                  //if this happens, we can use this imdb-id too
       if(strstr($site, "HTTP/1.0 302") || strstr($site, "HTTP/1.1 302")) {
//exact match?
           $out .= $GLOBALS['strExactMatch'];
           ereg('\/title\/tt([0-9]+)\/', $site, $x);
           $this->FetchID = $x[1];          //save the id in $FetchID
           return(PML_FETCH_EXACTMATCH); //return to editentry that it can fetch
now the data - search is allready

but i can't figure out why it hangs.  I have PHP5.  I've tried it on a shared
webhost, a dedicated server (which uses lighttpd
and php5), and i have it installed locally using xampp.. They all do the same
thing... hang on exact matches. Is there some
PHP.ini setting that I need? I have magic quotes already set to OFF.


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