IMAP_OPEN problems

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I am so stuck I am pulling what's left of my hair out. Any gurus out
there that can help me with this would be greatly appreciated.

I am relatively new to php and am trying to connect to a pop 3 mail
server using imap_open.

I have read the manual and numerous website, tryed numerous classes,
been confused, lost my mind, gone back to basics and I am at wits end.

I have tried the basic syntax...
$mbox = imap_open ("INBOX",
"", "password");

and regardless of rearranging where I put the port number :110 and
/pop3, using INBOX or other variants or not at all, using user or, adding /notls, adding /novalidate-cert, trying just instead of, adding user= before my user
name and many others I've forgotten over the last week  ...

I just can't get it to work, with the constant error ....

Warning: imap_open() [function.imap-open]: Couldn't open stream

Now, I have tried telnet'ing to my and it works fine.
I can RETR messages etc. The port is definately 110, the username is

I am running php 5.1 build 2600 off a windows xp machine trying to
connect to what I believe is windows server. I've checked the email
account with mail programs and it works fine. I just can't connect in

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can work out what is going on
with this thing it would be muchly appreciated.

Re: IMAP_OPEN problems wrote:
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You're saying you tried telnetting to the server with the same user  
credentials and that it worked. However I've been trying to reproduce  
this for you and the only way to reproduce your exact error is  
specifying either the wrong username or password.
When I specify the right username and password everything works fine,  
but as soon as I change either the username or the password into  
something invalid I get the error:
Warning: imap_open() [function.imap-open]: Couldn't open stream  
INBOX in pop.php on line 2
So I'd really check this once again if I were you.

Also you could try specifying the third parameter to imap_open setting  
it to OP_DEBUG, if it's something else than the username or password it  
should output debug messages.


Re: IMAP_OPEN problems

Ruben van Engelenburg wrote:
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Oh and also another debugging suggestion. I noticed there's also a  
function imap_errors() which returns an array of imap errors that  
occured during the pageview. If you do something like this:

$res = imap_open("INBOX",  
"", "password");

You'll see if it actually was an authentication problem or something else.


Re: IMAP_OPEN problems

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Thanks for help Ruben. Very much appreciated.

I actually know now that my syntax for the imap_open function is ok.
I get the feeling it is my firewall/s. I can telnet my mail server from my  
work machine (XP) and its ok, but it doesn't appear to be working from my  
apach server machine (XP Pro). Says its connected and just sits there even  
though I've disabled the machines firewall. Probably not for this group now,  
but I'll keep working on it.

Thanks again.  

Re: IMAP_OPEN problems

Joe wrote:

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Hi Joe,

Yes if imap_errors() doesn't return an error it's definitely a  
network/security problem. Anyway I hope you'll figure it out, good luck!



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