imap_open and norsh flag

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I'm attempting to connect to Cyrus IMAP server using imap_open()
function.  The connection is sucessfull, however there is a delay and
warning message about "rsh failure".  I added /norsh flag to connection
string, but it seems to be ignored.  The call to imap_open() currently
looks something like this:

   "cadm", "secret", OP_HALFOPEN);

As I said, it works.  However there is annoying delay of aprox. 10-15
seconds, and this warnning message generated by PHP interpreter:

PHP Notice:  (null)(): rsh to IMAP server timed out (errflg=1) in
Unknown on line 0

Shouldn't "/norsh" take care of that?

I'm using RPM packages as distributed with RHEL4:


Re: imap_open and norsh flag

Ah, was my mistake.  The connect string should be:


And of course, now everthing works as expected.  I guess I should have
taken that extra coffe before I sent my question to the group :-)

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