imagettftext problem with angle

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Hello !

Here is my problem :

I had some php scripts which worked well with php 4.0.5 (GD 1.6.2
according to phpinfo() ) and i put them on a new server with php 4.4.2
(and GD 2.0.28). Now, they don't do what they should :

i'm generating an image with text written with an angle : imagettftext

on the new server, the text has the good angle, but letters inside the
text are rotated with double this angle : for instance, with an angle
of 90 degrees, the text is written bottom to top (like it should), but
letters are rotated with a 180° angle

i'm sorry if it's something known / corrected already, but I haven't
found anything about this yet

In the worst case, i'll probably do my own function to write the text
letter by letter, but i prefered posting here before


PS : btw, it seems imagettfbbox gives the rectangle that would be used
on a rotated text without this problem, so it may come from

Re: imagettftext problem with angle

Hello !
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It seems that this bug:

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Re: imagettftext problem with angle

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indeed, seems like it, thanks a lot

Re: imagettftext problem with angle

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Does imagefttext (FreeType 2) have the same problem? If your server's  =

installation supports this function, give it a try. :-)

Good luck

-- =


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