imagettftext failing in remote browsers?

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I'm not real sure how the drawing & image fxns work in php, so please  
bear with me...

I'm using a script (logo.php) to draw a simple logo -- basically text  
with a shaded background. It looks great when I browse it at localhost  
(a Fedora Core 3 box), but if I use another machine (Gentoo) on the  
network, it says
"The image ...logo.php cannot be displayed, because it contains errors"

I can only get (part of) it to show by commenting out:
$pos = imagettftext($image,30,0,$x,$y,$shadow,$font, "NAME_OF_THE_SITE");

  in all three places where it occurs. also involved are:
$font = FONT_PATH. "CopperplateGothicBold.ttf";

does that need to be installed (in that dir) on every machine that  
accesses the image?!?!

more (unusual) info

I have the site installed on a beta server and when I access that (from  
any machine), the *same image script displays fine.

that is,
looks great
has errors

Only fails on my LAN. odd...

Re: more (unusual) info

Matt wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Any chance of a firewall getting in the way thinking this is a popup?


Re: more (unusual) info

David Haynes wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

interesting thought. doesn't seem like it, since as I said I can access  
the "beta" server. am accessing it with firefox v 1.0.6...

let me see if my friend can view it on the LAN...

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