Imageready/Photoshop vs. Fireworks

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I'm putting this post in this newsgroup because I am a programmer and I
want the opinion of programmers on this and not graphics designers. But
if this is still too off topic let me know and I'll change my posting

I'm running up against a problem with Web graphics.

I've gotten good at PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript, DHTML, MySQL but I'm
not good at Web graphics at all.

So I've been looking at getting and learning a graphics/Web graphics
program.  I've been most interested in Photoshop CS or Fireworks, but I
can't decide which one to invest my time and money in.  I don't really
want to learn both.  I've never used either.

I currently do not have any of Adobe's products or any of Macromedia's
products. I'm mostly interested in graphics to make Web sites look
nice. I know that fireworks is built for Web graphics and integrates
well with dreamweaver and flash, if at some point I decide to use

But photoshop comes with imageready which I've heard is similar to
fireworks and photoshop has more functionality and you can do more with
photoshop, I've heard. But on the other hand I'm just interested in Web
graphics so I am not sure if I would need photoshop's extra ability
with photos and graphics.

Can I use Imageready to create flash stuff for web sites without having

Also, I noticed that there are a lot of books and tutorials for
photoshop and imageready.  Is there also a lot of this kind of stuff
for fireworks and Macromedia's other products?

I'm also thinking of getting Studio MX 2004 with Flash Professional.

I also want to use a graphics program to create Web page layouts -- not
sure if photoshop or fireworks would be good for this.

What do you think I should get?

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