ImageMagick and MagickWand for PHP MagickAnnotateImage custom kerning

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hope this helps someone.

ImageMagick allows you to change font kerning (a.k.a. letter-spacing)
since release 6.4.7-8, but the MagickWand for PHP interface does not
provide a method for it, hence you can't change kerning from PHP. Font
kerning might be a useful tool for captcha development for instance,
as you can move the characters closer together, making it more
difficult to tell them apart.

I've just changed the source code of ImageMagick and MagickWand, so
that you're able to change kerning when annotating images using
MagickWand for PHP.

If you're interested in obtaining the changed source code, and don't
want to repeat the work, write me an email.


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