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I have an image upload and resize script that I have used on a number of
servers with no issues.  I have now use it in a new app that I uploaded
to a new server.  I worked fine on my dev server, but when I submit the
POST form to the page that does the resizing the page grids it gears for
a while, then just quits.  It is frustrating because I don't get any
errors.  The image does upload, but nothing seems to happen after that.
  I think I have boiled it down the the "imagecreatefromjpeg" function.
  If I comment it out I finally get an error (that relates to it being
commented out).  I have also found out that the script works fine with
smaller images (50k or so seems to work), but not with larger images
(600k or so).

It seems to be a problem with the server setup, as it works fine on my
dev server.  phpinfo() gives some standard info.  It is php 4.3.8 on

Here is the function:  If you think more of the code would be helpful
please let me know, I'll post it.

function resize_jpg($img,$img2,$w,$h){
    $imagedata = getimagesize($img);
    if ($w && ($imagedata[0] < $imagedata[1])) {
          $w = ($h / $imagedata[1]) * $imagedata[0];
    } else {
          $h = ($w / $imagedata[0]) * $imagedata[1];
    $im2 = imagecreatetruecolor($w,$h);
    $image = imagecreatefromjpeg($img); //this is the line that causes
    imagecopyresampled ($im2, $image, 0, 0, 0, 0, $w, $h, $imagedata[0],
    imagejpeg($im2, $img2, 100);

Any Ideas?


Re: imagecreatefromjpeg problem

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 OK, this points straight to memory_limit being enabled. A 600k JPEG will
decompress to several megabytes of raw image data in memory.

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 You may well have enough memory for the first image, then you run out on the

 Check what memory_limit is set to in php.ini.

 You might be able to override it to a higher value.

< Space: disk usage analysis tool

Re: imagecreatefromjpeg problem

Andy Hassall wrote:
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Thanks for the reply.  Yeah, I thought the same thing at first.
memory_limit is set to 8M according to phpinfo().  This is the same as
my dev server, so I didn't think that was the issue.

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I am making two images (for each image uploaded, im just testing with
one image though).  I tried commenting out each of them one at a time, I
get the same result.

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Ah, this is the ticket.  I didn't realy think of looking into this for
the above reasons, but I created an .htaccess file with this line:

php_value memory_limit "16M"

I can now upload, size, and thumbnail all three images.

Thanks again for your help!

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