imagecreatefromjpeg, calling a .php file

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Ok all. I have a series of images stored in a db. Im trying to work on
a script that will let me scale them based on user input. Ive hit a bit
of a roadblock on this line.

 $orig =

Specifically it cant sopen that file.

DisplayImage.php is pretty simple, it just displays an image from the
db without writing to a file.

Im thinking the problem is in how im pathing to DisplayImage.php.

This file sits one level lower than most things so it should be
../displayImage, but i tried that and no luck.

Any ideas whats wrong with that line?

Re: imagecreatefromjpeg, calling a .php file

Areric wrote:

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Quoted text here. Click to load it

There is nothing wrong with that line except that it is NOT the path to your  

You are confusing:
- the path to your image (nonexistent)
- with a php-script delivering the image.

Here is the difference: The is no such thing as the path to your image. Only  
a URI (http) that points to your image.
The difference is that in the URI situation you invoke a script that  
produces the image, while imagecreatefromjpeg WANTS A PATH, as can be read  
in the documentation at  
NOT a URI, unless:

Tip: You can use a URL as a filename with this function if the fopen  
wrappers have been enabled. See fopen() for more details on how to specify  
the filename and Appendix M for a list of supported URL protocols.

So check that. :-)

And also remember that ../bla.php is NOT a good URI, it is just a part.
If you use URI, make sure they are full/well formed, like:

If you cannot make it work with fopenwrappers, just safe them from your  
script in a directory, named after their ID's or something like that.

Erwin Moler

Re: imagecreatefromjpeg, calling a .php file

Hey thanks Erwin. I actually checked the box and that config option was
already enabled so all i had to do was give it a fully qualified url.

Re: imagecreatefromjpeg, calling a .php file

Areric wrote:
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Why don't you just read from the database directly and use

Re: imagecreatefromjpeg, calling a .php file


Im trying to break up as much as possible. This particular library I
really dont want to be dependant on any specific database
implementation. Im trying to abstract that out so i can reuse this
stuff independanly.

My DisplayImage.php script is dependant on the DB but not my
imagemanipulation script.

Good idea though, im wondering if instead of returning an image object
i could just return the string itself.

Re: imagecreatefromjpeg, calling a .php file

Areric wrote:
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In that case a slicker approach is to define a stream wrapper that
reads from the database. See /.

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