Image upload + posting text. How?

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I'm sorry to burst in here like a cheap Charlie, but I'm at wit's end.

For two days, I have been looking for a simple script, perhaps supported  
by MySQL or storing the data in flat pages. I really don't care so much.

It should work like a very basic guestbook with this image attachment  

User enters page. User writes his name in one textbox and a message in  
another. If he like, he uploads an image. When he clicks "Submit", the  
entry is being published at the very same page.

In the backend, it would be nice if the script could limit width and/or  
height of the image, and also check file extension.

That's it.

I have been testing dozens of ready made guestbook scripts, but none fit  
the bill. My knowledge of php is very shallow, so I can't put this  
together myself.

Can someone please help or point me in the right direction?

A million TIA

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