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Hi All

I have (what seems to be) a rather simple problem I'd like to solve
using PHP with the GD library installed.  I would like to "stitch"
multiple images together so that they appear next to each other, but
create a new file while doing this.  For example, lets say I have 5
images named 1.gif through 5.gif, each containing the digits 1-5
respectively.  I would like use GD to place them next to each other in
a new image (1 single image), so they read "12345" when displayed in
the browser.  I do not want to have the 5 images simply displayed next
to each other.

Can this be done with GD?


Re: Image "stitching" with GD - Help said the following on 26/06/2005 16:12:
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Create a blank image using createtruecolor() with dimensions big enough
to fit all five sub-images.

Then simply run imagecopy() five times, specifiying the new image as
destination every time, and each of sub-images in turn as source, and
calculate the position of the top-left corner in the destination image
each time.


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