image manipulation in safe mode

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Is there a way to create thumnails with a script in PHP with safe mode

We want to keep safe mode ON for our server but beable to automatically
create thumbs from full size image files.

Is there a script, product or way?


Re: image manipulation in safe mode

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as far as I know, you should have the GD library available to you.  Look in  
the CHM manual under Image Functions.  The CHM manual contained this notes  
entry in imagecreatefromjpeg().

This is a very useful script when you have hundreds of images and you need a  
quick setup for a thumbnail, where you can select how many
pictures per row, size of the thumbnail, and the size of the pictures when  
clicked, all in one script. Just throw all your images and this script in a  
file named index.php or index.html (if your apache httpd.conf defaults to  
html and runs .html as php).
Script also contains simple text watermarking. See function thumbImage()
and modify to add image watermarking if you like.
// 30 Minutes Thumbnail script written by Angel Leon from
// Licensed under the GPL
// Courtesy of
//copy this script wherever you have a bunch of .jpgs
// Invoke your thumbnail like this
//where index.php is this script.
//Modify and redistribute but don't remove our trademark.

//configure script here
//pictures per row
$row_size = 3;
//height of the pictures in thumbnail
$thumb_height = 200;
//height of the pictures when clicked (to save bandwidth)
//short name of your site
$waterMark = "";
$dh = opendir(".");
$files = array();
while (($file = readdir($dh)) !== false) {
 if (ereg("jpg",$file) || ereg("gif",$file) || ereg("png",$file)) {
 $files[] = $file;
if ($show_image) {
} else if ($thumb_image) {
else {
 echo "<center>" . createThumbTable($files,$row_size) . "</center>";
function createThumbTable($files,$pics_wide) {
 $row = intval(count($files)/$pics_wide);
 $picIndex = 0;
 $rs = "Mostrando " . count($files) . " imagenes
 $rs .= "<table border=0 cellspacing=1 cellpadding=0 style='border:1px solid  
 for ($i=0; $i <$row; $i++) {
   $rs .= "\t<tr>\n";
   for ($picIndex,$j=0;
$j < $pics_wide && $picIndex < count($files);
$j++,$picIndex++) {
     $rs .= "\t\t<td><a href=index.php?show_image=" .
$files[$picIndex] . ">" .
"<img src=index.php?thumb_image=" .
     $files[$picIndex] . " border=0 title='Copyright'></a></td>\n";
     //$rs .= "<td>i=$i / $j=$picIndex</td>";

   $rs .= "\t</tr>\n";
 $rs .= "<tr><td colspan=$pics_wide align=center>Free Thumbnail script by <a  
Written by Angel Leon (March 2005)</td></tr></table>\n";
 return $rs;
} //createThumbTable
function thumbImage($file,$img_height,$waterMark) {
 $img_temp = imagecreatefromjpeg($file);
 $black = @imagecolorallocate ($img_temp, 0, 0, 0);
 $white = @imagecolorallocate ($img_temp, 255, 255, 255);

 $font = 2;
 imagesx ($img_temp),
 $originx = imagesx($img_thumb) - 100;
 $originy = imagesy($img_thumb) - 15;
 @imagestring ($img_thumb, $font, $originx + 10, $originy,
     $waterMark, $black);
 @imagestring ($img_thumb, $font, $originx + 11, $originy - 1,
     $waterMark, $white);
 header ("Content-type: image/jpeg");
 imagejpeg($img_thumb, "", 60);

 imagedestroy ($img_thumb);

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