image generation problem

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Hi Group,

In doing a website for a stamp maker, I have come across the following  

I have a file called image_generator.php that creates a preview of the  
stamp. This uses GET vars for stamp height and width, but takes text,  
font and colour info from SESSION vars.

This part works fine when the file is called as the image
<img src="incs/image_generator.php?iw='.$width.'&amp;ih='.$height.'" />

I now need to attach the image to an email. I need the data in a string,  
so that it can be base64_encode'd. I can't use fopen, as it will not  
recognise the file if it has GET vars appended to the filename if it is  
a local file. Using fopen to read the file as a URL works with GET vars,  
but then the image generator can't use the SESSION vars.

Any ideas ?????

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