Im stuck with a page class

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Hi (again).

I've created a page class for dynamicly making pages. It works fine apart
from one problem im having.

I'm making it include the main body of the page from an html file.

So: $test = new page('Page Title','filename.html');


This will now include my filename.html

in filename.html I had $test->getTitle(); to get the title for the webpage,
however, if the var $test is something else, this will not work. Also, if I
do not make it global it will not work. Is there an easier way of doing

Another way I thought of was replacing certian values like replacing <TITLE>
with the title etc. But I wan't this class to be dynamic, so i don't want to
this this if I dont have to.


Re: Im stuck with a page class

Use Smarty template engine ( /) unles you are learning
PHP.  Smarty is more reliable and bug free, then home made scripts.

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