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Im really at a loss as to what is causing this issue, but after a  
successful test of PHP on a Windows 2003 IIS 6.0 server, I went ahead  
and programmed a new PHP website.

It looks fine.

This was in a test invited.

So I created a new folder, setup a new virtual server, in exactly the  
same way (or at least what I assume was the same way as the first),  
copied across all the source scripts, and set the new site live.

Now it appears IIS is caching the scripts! I've turned off Caching, but  
it's still doing it.

I've change the first index.php so instead of phpinfo() it gives a  
normal html page, ie, <H3>This is a Test</H3>, but the original script  
is still run! I can't figure it out.

I know the data isn't being cached, because that is updated each time.

But I could now completely over write all the PHP scripts, replacing  
them with files that contain "." and the bloody site would still work!

What's going on? I can't figure this out. Any ideas?


Re: IIS Cacheing

Turns out doc_root was set to my test folder in php.ini

Took that and it now works for all sites correctly.



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