if cookie is disabled then session will work or not?????

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today i read php5 and mysql book and i came to know that

if cookie is enabled on client machine then
          php will use cookies to handle sessions
else if cookie is disabled on client machine
          check is made to ensure that if php5  is configured with
--enable-trans-sid and --enable-track-vars option. If yes then php will
pass session id using post method automatically and we do not need to
worry about it. we just have to use sesssion functions regularly. If No
then we can pass session id using SID constant like below

<a href="index.php?<? echo(SID); ?>" >click here</a>

i checked on my computer and i found that in my computer the php5 is
not configured with above options because the php is not pssing
session-id automatically and when i try to print constant variable SID
it shows me the session id.

now i don't know how to configure php with --enable-trans-sid and
--enable--track-vars option.pls help me that how to configure it. i
have seen the file php.ini in windows directory but it doed not contain
above two options.

thxs for your help in adavance....

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