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Hello I didn't do any web page development since university ,I wanted
to create a web page for the fun of it ,an I was surprised of how easy
it is to use frontpage and dramweaver to do basic stuff ,but I wanted
to do something that I am sure it can be done but I don't really know
the way .
The webpage is not something original and it has been done before . is a currency converter from a currency to another currency I
have the following questions :

1) Wanted to auto detect the users country and accordingly set the
starting currency (from this currency) to the currency that his country
is using.
And also change the language to the user's language ...

2)lets say that I have users from two countries Germany and Hungary I
can create two starting web pages one with Hungarian and one with
German ..but lets say I have users from 30 different countries is not
very convenient  to have to create  a web page for each language there
must be a way that someone can i have a webpage that takes textiles or
something with the language strings and just displays them.

3) Lets say that the language is wrong and the user is using a computer
of the Spanish person and the user is Japanese I want to give them the
option to change the language
at any time they have to install another language e.g Japanese in
this case? or only the encoding has to be changed .?

4)I wanted to give the user the option to select the currency in a
better way than dropdown box ,or a list box .. like a menu somehow but
I can't come with anything ...I don't know what guys can you
suggest I guess the list box is the obvious   especially if there are
so many currencies but I would like something nicer... for example to
display the currency image at the side ..not sure..

5) If I create user login for example and I have different users that
they pay for the services how can I restrict certain currency converter
for certain users e.g. we have two users and the one user didn't pay
subscribed for the free service (he can convert Euro to dollars, visa
versa, pounds to dollars visa versa, pounds to Euro visa versa), the
user that paid can convert any currency ..

6) How can I restrict users from copying the website (using offline
explorer for example).

I was wondering what tools do I need to use to create the
website(recommended reading books?/online tutorials ),how will I be
creating the functionality that I want and how will I be  resolving
every  problem listed ?  

Many Thanks Ivan

Re: Ideas ..Help with webpage

PHP-Nuke can help you. It's big but it's organized in modules and
blocks, so it's not difficult to find the code you are looking for. You
can visit them at

Re: Ideas ..Help with webpage

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  'User's country' is vague and wants elaborated.  For example, it
could reasonably be taken to mean the country in which the user was
born and brought up, if such a country exists.  More likely, you mean
the country the request originated from, which you might assume
corresponds to the country the user is currently in.

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  More than one currency might be in use in any one country.

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  'User's language' implies that there is only one language that a user
considers to be their language.  Not necessarily true.

  How about leaving the server to negotiate the initial language based
on the user's Accept-Language header and provide links to translations
or versions in other languages?  This way, the user gets their
preferred language (at least the language their browser asserts to be
their preferred language), and they still have the opportunity to
change language.

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  (You're conflating countries and languages.  They are distinct; look
at Papua New Guinea.)

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  How about a template that pulls content from somewhere (e.g., a
database), that content depending on the user's preferred language?

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  Links provide that option.

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  So long as there is a font installed that contains the glyphs needed,
and there is support for the particular character encoding, everything
should run smoothly.

  To take your example of Spanish and Japanese, it depends how the
Japanese is written.  If the user has a font containing glyphs for
Spanish, it is reasonable to assume that that same font contains glyphs
for romaji.  That assumption does not carry over to kanji, hiragana, or
katakana.  Depending on the content, there could be a mixture of all
those writing systems.

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  If you use UTF-8 across the board, there's nothing to worry about.
To accomodate those who prefer Shift_JIS or some other character
encoding, you could have underlying character encoding switching, as
well as language negotiation, based on the user's Accept-Charset

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