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Which professional free IDE for PHP is the best to use?


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I'm not sure it's the best, but PSPad has always worked for me for


betty escribió:
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There's not such thing as "best" IDE for PHP, but if you're looking for
a coding tool with some advanced features these are alternatives you
could consider:

* Eclipse PDT: Eclipse is a quite veteran IDE written in Java with lots
of features. It was created to write Java code but now it has support
for many other languages. PDT is the PHP support for Eclipse.

* NetBeans: It's another IDE written in Java. It's in the same line as
Eclipse (Java IDE evolved) though I think it's not as bloated as
Eclipse. Its PHP support is quite new.

* Komodo Edit: It's the free version of Komodo IDE and it's based in the
Mozilla XUL platform. It's very nice and well thought.

Neither Java nor XUL are particularly fast but, apart from the time they
take to launch, these three editors are quite usable. Apart from this,
there're a lot of PHP-specific editors which are normally simple text
editors with lots of toolbars and some advanced functions.

Also, there's a PHP extension called Xdebug that allows you to generate
debugging info you can read in many IDEs.

It may be obvious but... These are coding aids, don't expect a visual
HTML editor where you can drag and drop controls.

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betty schreef:
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Hi, you said free.
I made the mistake to buy Zend Studio 5.5.1 standard edition.
I thought: "Made by Zend: must be very good.", but I was wrong.

It is not worth its money: has multiple bugs, the most annoying is the
buggy 'undo' function that sometimes undoes a whole days work.

But what is best for you?
Hard to say, check this: /

Personally, I loved Netbeans (for my Java projects), and they now have a
PHP support too. I didn't check it yet, but if it is anything like their
Java version it must be good. :-)

Erwin Moller

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other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious
deficiencies. The first method is far more difficult."
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On Nov 14, 10:47=A0am, Erwin Moller
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New version of Netbeans is very cool. And free!

Regards, Michael


Erwin Moller wrote:
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I had the chance to work with the old Zend Studio and I can confirm that
it wasn't that good. Since I'm not a professional buying full blown
applications is not always an option for me.

I have been using Eclipse PDT for quite some time now. It can be seen as
a stripped down version of the new Zend Studio which is based on Eclipse
and I had quite some good experiences with the trial version. However,
since the free PDT version can do almost everything I actually want it
has been my first choice.

I tried both Netbeans and Komodo but I always found something annoying
which made me go back to Eclipse PDT.

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produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning."
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I'll for Eclipse.

Thanks e/o!!!


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I use Vim for most everything. It's a very good PHP editor.



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Some that wern't mentioned are Quanta Plus, Bluefish and Screem.  I
picked Quanta cause it has a very usable site manager on it and a
somewhat WYSIWYG editor (YMMV), also the text editor in it (Kate) is
probably one of the best, also it integrates Kfilereplace which can do
search/replaces to files project wide.  Though Bluefish and Screem had
their good points too.

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