I would like to use session_decode while in a loop

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I know I should be using a database ... but ... I have created a few
pages which store user data in text files.  The user text files where
created using session_encode. There is a text file for each user.
There is a masterlogin.txt that contains all of the names of the
individual text files.  I can loop through an array created from
masterlogin.txt and create hyperlinks to each of the individual text
files, but what I would like to do is while I am looping through the
array I would like to open a session for each file, take out the names
of the user so that I can have the hyperlink be Lastname, Firstname
instead of the name of the text file.  Any help on why this is not
working will be greatly appreciated .... Thanks for the help ...

// file example 1: read a text file into an array, with
// each line in a new element

$lines = array();
$file = fopen($filename, "r");
while(!feof($file)) {

    //read file line by line into a new array element
    $lines[] = fgets($file, 4096);

fclose ($file);

//sort and creating variable for items in the array.
$c = count($lines);

//loop to print out hyperlink for each text file.
for($i=0; $i<=$c; $i++)

$sessionfile = fopen($lines[$i], "r");
global $firstname, $lastname;
session_decode(fgets($sessionfile,  4096) );

print "<a href=\"/php/".$lines[$i]."\">".$lastname.",
".$firstname."</a><br />";



Re: I would like to use session_decode while in a loop

I figured out what was causing my problem.  While the variables that
where created by the loop looked identical to the name of the text
files they where not.  Adding trim($lines[$i]) to make sure the text
file names did not have any spaces or newlines has put me on the right

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