I've enjoyed my first day

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I tuned in to comp.lang.php just yesterday, and in such a short while I
received good advice from those much more experienced than I (with
little or no "corrections").  My training in neuroscience was fun, but
not as much fun as I've had in this group.

(not to be sappy, but) Thank you.

Re: I've enjoyed my first day

jdoerr wrote:
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Ever since I first started to learn what is capable with little effort
with PHP and MySQL I was jazzed.  That was over 15 years ago I believe.
And just to show how its capabilities has been expanding, I am still
learning new things it can do to this day and still get excited.

I think the biggest pet-peeve you will find here is when someone comes
and asked for help before they have even tried themselves.  We (most I
am sure) would rather help you learn to fish then give you the fish.

Have fun and see you around.

Oh and watch out for that Jerry guy...he gets cranky before his coffee.
  hehehe (just kidding)


P.S.  make sure you have plenty of popcorn on hand, this NG can get
interesting at times.

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