I'm looking for a simple template with "optional" fields

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I'm looking for a simple template with the following property: I want
to have in the resulting page something like this (say):

  This is some text that never changes:
  [[[$this is some variable that can be set from the calling PHP
  This is some more text that never changes

The crux is that if the calling code never initializes the variable,
then I want the entire <div> not to be displayed.

The use-case that I see is this: I have a program that mostly needs to
display long(ish) lists to the clients, but the lists can be
customized. Sometime I want to display the first five columns for each
row, sometime the last four columns, other times only the odd-numbered
columns, etc.

What I want, is to have only the following in my PHP code:

$qry = "SELECT [[[whatever fields I'm interested in]]] FROM mytable
$res = db_query($qry);
while ($row = db_fetch_assoc($res)) {

In the template I will have something like this:


and only the <td>'s whose column is actually included in $row will be

It seems quite trivial to write such a template (I really don't need
much logic there at all), probably a week worth of work. But it will
be even better if I can just use something out there instead.


-- Shai

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