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Been unsubscribed to this newsgroup for a couple of months .

I see it hasnt changed much as people are still asking help type of  
questions often without giving certain needed details - and without even  
trying to word something so it makes sense to others reading it .

Some things never change :-)

Anyway , Having learnt all the usual newbie php commands and can pretty  
much now do most things in a luddite fashion , I'm open to suggestions  
on what more advanced php commands are worth looking at and learning .

Most importantly these suggestions will serve a useful function to me in  
terms i could actually use the suggested command to replace the simpler  
ones i'm currently because its more powerful and/or gives more options  
or parameters etc .

Not interested in learning a advanced function just for the sake of it  
as learning something i would probably never use seems to be all a bit  
pointless .

I have zero interest in mysql and use flatfiles for everything .

Re: I'm back

Krustov wrote:
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Euhm, a lot.
Think of a project you'd like to do, and people could suggest something.
Offcourse, learn regular expressions if you don't know them already.

I'm taking some time to get te feel of fsockopen(), but the complexity has
more to do with socket connections themself then true PHP. It's just for a
'self-training' project in trying to come up with a workable proxy in PHP.
Ridiculous for actual use, but a great training on PHP & connections & file

Rik Wasmus

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