:) I have a php mail() question, helping conform to spam filters -- ideas?

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I am writing an application which shoots out confirmation emails to
friends and contacts --- and looking at the Beta of Outlook 12 for
Windows Vista, it looks like it catches this mail as Spam, where-as
Outlook 2003 and others cleared them just fine.  I am also having
trouble with Yahoo as well.  Yahoo and Outlook could just be too
sensitive, but I am worried some of my mail may not be getting thru.

This leads me to a question, what are the -basic- things I need in a
mail() header - so I can feel confident they are all present and
accounted for, and getting my most systems?

There is an odd checkbox/feature in Outlook 12 - "When sending e-mail,
Postmark the message to help e-mail clients distinguish regular e-mail
from junk e-mail".

Is this a technique that can be used in PHP, and has anyone had any
success with it?

Thank you so much for any info!  Please have a wonderful day or evening
whichever the case may be...


Re: :) I have a php mail() question, helping conform to spam filters -- ideas?

jenngra@gmail.com wrote:
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I think you should ask microsoft what they use to sort mail, as there aren't  
much standard in the headers, but it could look something like

Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 11:30:48 +0200 (CEST)
To: anotheruser@example.net
Subject: headertest
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII; format=flowed

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From, To, Subject are a must in a header, anything else is really extra. You  
should avoid to copy microsoft type of headers, as these are frequently copied  
by spammers and will result in a higher risk for getting filtered away as spam.

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Sure, it would lessen the risk to be filtered away from the outlook client,  
but you won't affect filtering built into MTAs.

Things that triggers spamfilters are HTML code in the mail, specially all  
those anchor tags, which spammers uses to fake to where to connect

example: <a href="spammersite.example.net">companysite.example.com</a>

As most people tend to use bad mail clients like outlook, they will only see  
the companysite.example.com url and think they will be connecting to the right  

Anything extre headers you place instead of the standard headers, place a 'X-'  
infront of the header name, example: X-Mailer: PHP


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