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 I hosted a PHP project on my web server(IIS) and I am accessing the
ip addres through my office public address like this:
  (example) :8887/phptest/test.php
  " " is my company ip address and the port 8887 is
any requests that are comes through the port(8887) will be redirected
to my system, which is under the network  (" ").
The php project is hosted in my system only, so we have to access the
php project with the url
 " :8887/phptest/test.php". And , I have ASP.NET
web applications in the same web server(IIS).

 The problem is when I  open the link
" :8887/phptest/test.php" , the page is loaded
perfectly but after 2 or 3 min an error message(page) is displayed
that "Page cannot be displayed" . But the problem is not happens to
ASP.NET (web application ) page , only php projects getting the above

 And when I see the php information (through phpinfo() ) , I have
noticed that https is not enabled, the value is set to off (and
"Registered PHP stream value  does not contain the "https"  ). I
thought it could be the problem , if so

 How can I enable https ( or make https environment variable as on )
in my web servier or do i have to change any settings in php.ini..?

Thanks & Regards
kiran kumar

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