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How does one use this? Is it simply setting a variable or calling a function  
or is it completely different from http(i.e., is it transparent? Do I need  
to do anything significantly different than what I do in http?)

Now what are the cons of using it rather than http? Right now I'm using http  
but wondering if I should use https for any reasons or not.


Re: https

Jon Slaughter kirjoitti:
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First of all, this falls into the category of webmastering, not php.

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If you have a website that has a forum and image gallery of horses and  
hounds, then http is okay. If your site is an online bank, ecommerce or  
something other that handles confidential client information, then  
switch to https. It's all about security.

It all starts by getting a certificate and configuring the web server to  
handle it. In php you don't do anything to enable https, the server  
takes care of that. In php you can just test wether it's http or https,  
that's all.


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Re: https

On Fri, 01 Jun 2007 17:05:24 +0000, Jon Slaughter wrote:

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https is a webserver configuration issue. There is no difference in your
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https transfers traffic over an encrypted connection to protect data from
sniffing. It is slightly slower, but any time you're transferring personal
information, passwords, credit card data, etc... it should be done over

Re: https

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ok... thanks. Thats all I needed to know ;)


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