httpd coredumps on restart

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   OS  FreeBSD 7.0
   System:  HP Proliant DL380
   Apache  1.3.41

I recently changed my httpd.conf file to allow NameVirtualHost as well
as IP based Virtual hosting. Since then I am having problems starting
up apache.  On graceful restart the apache process dumps core and the
log message is:

kernel: pid 10114 (httpd), uid 0: exited on signal 11 (core dumped)
gdb on the core file is unenlightening: Program terminated with signal
11, Segmentation fault.

Reverting to the old httpd.conf (before changes) did not help and
apachectl start also failed.

I found a work around which was to comment out the  LoadModule
php5_module and AddModule mod_php5.c lines in httpd.conf and then
start httpd.  At this point httpd runs and
I then uncomment the above lines and do a graceful restart and httpd
stays alive.

Any suggestions on diagnosing this problem would be appreciated.

Barry Friedman

Re: httpd coredumps on restart wrote:
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You probably update php to 5.2.8. During this upgrade, the order of php
extensions change in the file /usr/local/etc/php/extensions.ini

Simply edit it and change the order of the lines. It's a known problem
with php.

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Re: httpd coredumps on restart

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Failing that note what gdb reports for bt and post it.


Re: httpd coredumps on restart wrote:

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If you added IP based virtualhosting, with NameVirtualHost, that
shouldn't be the problem, especially since reverting the configuration
back to the previous version doesn't fix the issue.  I can't imagine
why it would suddenly be an issue, but this seems to point to PHP.  Did
you make any other changes at all?  Anything else that you might have
forgotten about or neglected to mention?  Consider upgrading PHP, as
well as Apache, if you are able to at this time, though a reinstall of
the PHP Apache module might resolve the issue, before you try
upgrading.  Also, do your error logs show anything at all?  Did you try
running a trace on the process when starting Apache with PHP not
commented out?
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