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My taxonomy editor is now publicly available.

This is a PHP/SQL/DHTML/JavaScript application
for manipulating heirarchical trees.

The web site: /

There are basically two components there:

* A tree viewer
  ...which displays collapsable, heirarchical tree structures on web pages;  

* A tree editor:
  ...which allows heirarchical tree structures to be created and manipulated;

The tree viewer is basically a revamped and rebranded version of
my eariler collapsable, heirarchical tree component, WebTree.
The taxonomy editor is a new program.  It uses SQL and a server-side
database to store the tree - and the DHTML front end to edit and
render it.

The tree viewer component is available separately - for those
who don't need the editor.

A number of sample web sites using the tree component are given.

Also included is a simple sample application - which
illustrates the use of the tree viewer - by showing a
problem tracking system - which uses the viewer to render
its display.

Full source code is available for both tree components.

Both programs have been placed into in the public domain by their author.

These programs are both under active development.  If anyone
would like to contribute, have a look at the "To Do" and
"Known Problems" sections for each program in the
"development" section - and then feel free to get in touch.
Suggestions would also be welcome.

Finally, I reference other related projects which I'm aware
of in a "Links" section.  If I have missed anyone out, please
let me know.

The web site again: /

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