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Excuse me if this is OT here. I'm trying to find out what would happen
if I append my:

Content-Type: application/x-javascript
Content-Length: nnn

<javascript data>

To an http answer in transit.
1) Does appending such a thing to an http answer which already has it's
own content-type and length headers and data, is allowed ?
2) How would a typical browser understand it ? Would it just ignore it

If the answer to (1) is "no": what would you suggest to do ?
I've thought of capturing the stream, and creating multi-part. The
first part would be the captured one, and the second - the data I want
to append. Does it seem as a good scheme to you ?


Re: http headers


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HTTP protocol is pretty much just like that.  Say you were including a
javascript document from php and exporting it that way.  Anytime there
is a src attribute the browser goes looking for that document in a
seperate stream.

So if you are looking to add that into the http stream for a single page
the answer for 1 is no.  And how it would understand it will depend on
the browser and how it was coded.  I would think that it would be ignored.

Hope that helps,


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