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I currently have a web service set that returns data. When I use these
services through a browser, everything works fine and the resulting xml
is displayed. However sometimes when I connect to the scripts using a
php script I get the error message Http 401: Unauthorised. This usually
happens after a short time, when the webservices have not been used. I
am connecting to the webservices using Http Post and cURL.

Re: Http 401 Unauthorised

In Addition the actual error message is

 A SoapException occurred: Message: The request failed with HTTP status
401: Unauthorized. Exception: System.Net.WebException: The request
failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized.
message, WebResponse response, Stream responseStream, Boolean
methodName, Object[] parameters)
   at CRMWebService.CRMWebService.CrmService.Execute(Request Request)
in \MYCOMPUTER\wwwroot\CRMWebService\Web
References\CRMWebService\Reference.cs:line 48
   at CRMWebService.GetMultipleEntities.GetData(String[] fieldsToGet)
in \mycomputer\wwwroot\crmwebservice\getmultipleentities.cs:line 48

the Code this error refers to is actually Visual C# but is pretty

I just cant work out why sometimes it works and sometimes not

Iain Adams wrote:
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Re: Http 401 Unauthorised

Iain Adams wrote:
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Evidently the resource you're trying to access requires authorization.  
The 401 is a normal message from the server requesting your userid and  

Browsers handle this automatically. If this is the first 401 this site  
has sent while the browser has been running, it will pop up the  
userid/password box on your screen.  It remembers this information for  
the specific site, and on the next 401 sends it automatically (if it is  
rejected this time, the browser pops the userid/password box again).

I don't know how the remote site tracks this information.  Some do it  
with sessions, some by tracking the remote ip, etc.  And most have a  
timeout involved.

If you've already retrieved some information, chances are the  
authorization has timed out and the system wants to reauthorize you.  
Check out the curl option CURLOPT_USERPWD.

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