HTML_ToPDF, I'm stuck some help please

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Hi there,
I'm trying to get HTML_ToPDF (3.3) running on en dedicated server,  
safe_mode enabled. Been trying for more than 2 days now, without success.
Have similar script running on my own personal server. Safe mode disabled.

This is what I did so far:
I copied html2ps, ps2pdf and curl into  
/opt/guide/www.domain.invalid/HTML/config/html2pdf/, directory also  
holds all HTML_ToPDF-files. Did chmod 777 to the specified folder.
Temp-folder is /opt/guide/www.domain.invalid/HTML/tmp (also 777).

The script:
// PDF (include class)
$defaultDomain = "http://www.domain.invalid ";

// PDF (path to html)
$htmlFile = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/pdf/input.html";

// PDF (path to pdf)
$pdfFile = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/pdf/output.pdf";

// PDF (settings)
$pdf = new HTML_ToPDF($htmlFile, $defaultDomain, $pdfFile);
$pdf->addHtml2psSettings('break-table: 0');
$result = $pdf->convert();

Running the script returns:
DEBUG: html2ps command run:  
/opt/guide/www.domain.invalid/HTML/config/html2pdf/html2ps  -f  
/opt/guide/www.domain.invalid/HTML/tmp/CONF-4omnhC -o  
/opt/guide/www.domain.invalid/HTML/tmp/HTML-SDrxWw.html 2>&1
DEBUG: html2ps output:
DEBUG: config file: /opt/guide/www.domain.invalid/HTML/tmp/CONF-4omnhC  
(not removed)
DEBUG: html file:  
/opt/guide/www.domain.invalid/HTML/tmp/HTML-SDrxWw.html (not removed)
DEBUG: ps file: /opt/guide/www.domain.invalid/HTML/tmp/PS-YJn3Ar (not  
Error: there was a problem running the html2ps command. Error code  
returned: 127. setDebug() for more information

DEBUG: html2ps output is empty, so I tried to execute the command from  
shell. Created a file test.php containing:
exec('/opt/guide/www.domain.invalid/HTML/config/html2pdf/html2ps  -f  
/opt/guide/www.domain.invalid/HTML/tmp/CONF-4omnhC -o  
/opt/guide/www.domain.invalid/HTML/tmp/HTML-SDrxWw.html 2>&1');

running '/>php test.php' returned;
Error opening resource file:  
*** Error opening /opt/guide/www.domain.invalid/HTML/tmp/PS-JXAcZk for  

The generated files in tmp-dir are owned by 'nobody:other', only nobody  
has rw-access, group other has r-access.

Why can't php open the file?
What actions to take to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

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