HTML_Template_IT getVariable -- get all variables in the current block?

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hello all,

is there a function within the HTML_Template_IT package that can get
all variables in a current block?  sort of the opposite of what
$template->setVariable does, ie, perhaps a getVariable?

i have a template that defines a table.  the header columns will
include an image that will be the same for all columns except for the
column specified by the "&order=colName" specified in the predefined
variable $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'].  something like this simplified

  <th>Author<img src=""></th>
  <th>Title <img src=""></th>
  <th>Status<img src=""></th>
  <th>Etc   <img src=""></th>
<!-- END HEADER -->

when "&order=author", AUTHOR_ARROW_UP will be set to "arrow_on.gif" and
TITLE_ARROW_UP and STATUS_ARROW_UP will be set to "arrow_off.gif".
similarly, when "&order=title", TITLE_ARROW_UP will be set to
"arrow_on.gif" and AUTHOR_ARROW_UP and STATUS_ARROW_UP will be set to
"arrow_off.gif".  and so on for "&order=status".

i thought a good way to set XYZ_ARROW_UP would be to loop thru all
..*_ARROW_UP variables and set them all to "arrow_off.gif".  then i
could set just &order=xyz to "arrow_on.gif".

i could create an array of *_ARROW_UP names, but i thought my PHP code
would be more robust if i could query all variables in the current
block "HEADER" and loop thru that list.  this way i would not have to
modify my PHP code if i added a new column to the template. is this
possible?  is there a better way to do this?

thanks for any suggestions.
- bettyann

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