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Hi Guys

I have recently changed a site from html to php.  In my HTML, I used the


header and I made sure that the page was validated.

I now do not seem to be able to validate my page any longer because I use a
literal ampersand (&) in one of the links.

What should I do to make it work?


- Nicolaas

Re: html strict

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Re: html strict

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The above document type declaration is not correct. In a document type
declaration, the strings within quotation marks are case sensitive.
A validator may choose to use the first one (the formal public identifier)
and not even look at the second one, but declaration is still incorrect and
may trigger "quirks mode" in browsers (though nobody really knows how they
do their doctype sniffing in detail).

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As "rf" wrote, use &amp; instead. I'm pretty sure the validator's error
message said the same, though perhaps in more general terms. See also the
FAQ entry which refers
to the

This has nothing to do with PHP, so I have trimmed followups to alt.html.

Yucca, /
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