html formatting with mysql_fetch_array()

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I'm struggling how to format out in a html table after doing a query.

Query is:
$result = mysql_query("SELECT state_name, county_name, party_name,
votes  FROM regions, county, party, results
where ...
order by state_name, county_name, votes DESC")

Note: i am odering by 'state', then 'county', then ordering the parties
by no. of votes descending.

Fetching the rows:
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
echo("<p>" . $row["state_name"] . "&nbsp;" . $row["county_name"]
.."&nbsp;" . $row["party_name"] . "&nbsp;" . $row["votes"] ."</p>");


example output (e.g. state county party votes):
Kentucky Knox PartyA 5987
Kentucky Knox PartyB 1456
Kentucky Livingstone PartyB 10876
Kentucky Livingstone PartyA 2376
Texas Austin PartyB 11343
Texas Austin PartyA 3456
Texas Hamilton PartyA 8076
Texas Hamilton PartyB 1987

I would really like the layout to look something like (eventually in an
html table):
     PartyA 5987
     PartyB 1456
     PartyB 10876
     PartyA 2376
     PartyB 11343
     PartyA 3456
     PartyA 8076
     PartyB 1987

i'm going loop da loop with this one. How do I do it?

Re: html formatting with mysql_fetch_array()

Don't use tables -- it looks perfect for lists ... check out the <LI>
and <UL> tags online.

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