HTML form issue.

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Hi All,

   I am a PHP Newbe, so I think that this problem might have a simple
solution. I have a html page which has a few text boxes. On the top of
the form I have the following line of code:

<form action="ProcessComplimentaryForm.php" method="POST">

Hence when the user clicks submit, my php script
"ProcessComplimentaryForm.php" should be called. In my script I just
have a simple echo statement which tries to display one of the values
in one of the text boxes.


echo "First Name : \n";
echo $_POST['firstName'];

firstName being the name of one of the text boxes on my html page. When
I click submit on the html page I get the following error message:

Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL

What am I missing here? Is this an issue with the server I am trying to
work on or is it something in the code I have written?

Any help highly appreciated.


Re: HTML form issue.

I think it is in the hands of your ISP.
Dunno why they did it but talk to them.

Re: HTML form issue. wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Where does the url /complimentary.html come into play?
is that the URL of the page with the form?
If so, are you sure you have the closing </form> tag... all the input
tags nested  in the proper places, etc..

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