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Is there a way to use php as an alternative to htaccess to control access to  
my wordpress blog.  There are several text files (eg one.txt, 1.txt,  
first.txt) on my websites that have approved ip addresses.

The php script would compare the ip address of the user who came to my  
website with those in the text files.  If there is not a match, the user  
gets redirected to

If there is a match, the rest of the php script would run and hence the blog  
would be displayed.

The thought was to put this piece of code at the top of the main php script  
used by wordpress so that everytime someone goes to a wordpress blog page,  
this piece of php code would execute to verify that the IP address is  

I do know that IP addresses change, but most of the surfers who have access  
to my blog have static ip addresses.  I'm sure this will also slow down the  
site, but the IP lists are not large.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Re: htaccess alternative

(Joseph wrote:

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Maybe I am being thick, but I get the impression you just described how to  
handle it without .htaccess.

Simple add some code above the 'protected' scripts that checks if the  
remote_address (via $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) is in the list.

What is it we can help you with?  
Don't you know how to open and read the file that contains the addresses?
Don't you know how to match the actual IP to the ones in the file?

Erwin Moller

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