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I hope my message is not "out of topic"....

I would like to make "clean URLs" on my website....

Is it possible to make something like this:

orig. URL: /inde.php?mcat=1&subcat=2

clean (nice) URL: /tv/lcd/

where mcat(1)="tv" and subcat(2)="lcd"

Thanks for any help....


Re: .htaccess

mrozko wrote:
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Not directly. You can create a URL such as http://www.example.com/tv/lcd
but you will need to transform 'tv' to 1 and 'lcd' to 2 yourself. The
redirect will reformat the URL to
http://www.example.com/index.php?mcat=tv&subcat=lcd .

You can find an excellent introduction to clean URL's at [1].

[1] http://www.yourhtmlsource.com/sitemanagement/urlrewriting.html

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Re: .htaccess


thank you very much for your simple solution. I was looking for very
complicated and one-step solution using .htaccess, unfortunately....

Thanks again :)


Re: .htaccess


I have one more question:

is it possible to use "loop" in the .htaccess:

let's say $mcat[1]="tv", $mcat[1][1]="lcd", $mcat[1][2]="crt", $mcat[1]
[3]="accessories",... (it means it is 2D array)

I would like to do this:
/tv/lcd/ /index.php?mcat=1&subcat=1
/tv/crt/ /index.php?mcat=1&subcat=2
/tv/accessories/ /index.php?mcat=1&subcat=3

note: $mcat has 10 items (0,...,10) ---- for each item there are at
least 5 subitems...

must I type one line for one "combination" of items & subitems? or is
it possible to "loop" through this?

maybe this question is "stupid" and I have to recode my scripts....

please, can you give me any idea for doing this? what is your opinion
about this?

thank you very much, in advance, for your (maybe completely different)


Re: .htaccess

mrozko wrote:
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Yes, it's a bit off topic here, as it isn't a PHP question.

You will get much better answers from alt.apache.configuration.

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