href with php how do

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when i click a link;

i want to open any page and sametime been any event( for ex. include
any picture in a cell of table)

sory isn't clear english :(

Re: href with php how do

Quoted text here. Click to load it

i think you wanna open a new browser window and change something on
your current page at the same time? that's javascript, not php.

Re: href with php how do

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I'm not sure of what you are asking, but there are two possibilities as I  
see it.

First One:
When the page loads, you want things to happen before it appears to the user  
as a finished page.  That is easy.  Simply put all the logic you want before  
the <html> section and enclose it in the <?php ?> section.  You can set  
variables that can be used in the html area by simply enclosing that logic  
there within <?php ?>.

Second One:
When you want to navigate to a new page, you want things to happen first  
before the navigation.  Well, you can do this either with a Javascript, or  
by having the button do a submit, test for that button being activated with  
isset($_POST['thatbutton']), do your logic and then use header("Location:  

Hope that helps.


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